Wednesday, May 24, 2017


It's been a mostly uneventful few weeks since we got back from vacation so it's been hard to find things to write about.  Here's a few little tidbits I guess.


Eating has horrible lately and so has meal planning (or shall I say, a lack thereof).  So yea, you can't really meal plan when you haven't been to the grocery store in 2 weeks.  I really think we have gotten so spoiled by eating out or ordering in that the motivation to actually cook just isn't there.  I haven't even been logging anything in My Fitness Pal lately.  And on that subject, how in the world is it still counting my streak when I don't even open my app for days at a time?


Has been sporadic but I see glimmers of hope there.  The rains have finally let up a little and we managed to get a bike ride in yesterday.  And I've been actually wrapping my head around looking forward to going to the gym, especially the weights part.  But to actually make the transition from my brain to my actual doing so, hasn't quite happened yet.  


Spring season finished last week and we went out with a whimper.  I really do like this group of ladies though and the plan is to continue to practice with them and stick together.  That will be great for me too because I really  have been wanting to get back to clinics and drills too.  Hoping that they move the practice dates from Monday (bowling) to just about any other day than Thursday (that's when Mixed Doubles league plays).  Speaking of Mixed Doubles, that's what I'm playing this summer and it is gearing up soon.  In fact, we are having our first team meeting and practice tonight.  Once again, I'm being thrown in with all new people but this has all worked out before and hopefully it will again this time around.  I do think I recognize one lady that is on the team that I played against before so there will be a semi-familiar face at least.  

That's about it.  Here's a few pictures from the last few weeks.  I'm ready for a new month and a fresh new start (again) soon.  

I bowled a 208!  (Granted it was a no-tap game - where the 9s counted as strikes)

Last spring match 

Aren't puppy toes the cutest?!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I want to ride my bicycle!

That Queen song has been stuck in my head for a week now because guess who has a new bike!?
That would be me.

Chris has been an avid bike lover for a few years now but I've always had other things going on or other distractions happening.  But in the spirit of moving more and needing less pressure on the ole joints, he finally convinced me to take up cycling and he is super excited that is something we can do together.  So we pulled the trigger and got me this beauty.

It's a TREK Skye mountain bike.  And for favorite color reasons, it's purple!  

Chris also had to get his bike tuned up and some chains replaced since it survived the flood so that took a couple days in the repair shop.  And then finally the weather started cooperating us so we took our bikes out for a spin (ha!) on Saturday.  

And being a newbie rider (honestly I haven't ridden a bike since Devyn was little - so at least 20 years - and then that wasn't with any regularity).  Probably the last time I was consistent with riding a bike was when I was in middle school.  I won't even go there as to how long ago that was.  We will just say it's been a long, long time ago.

After some struggle, Chris finally managed to get both of our bikes mounted with minimal damage to the bikes and his car.  

We headed to the LSU Lakes since it's a nice path for runners, walkers and other cyclists with minimal traffic.  We got to the City Park Tennis courts and decided to park there and we were off!  I didn't notice it at the time we started but we went down a really big hill (for Louisiana) that will come into play towards the end of the story.

The first mile flew by and I started realizing how fun this was and how carefree it was to feel the wind in my hair and just cruising along happily.  Then we came to our first intersection.

The stopping part wasn't the problem.  The dismounting and not realizing my foot was on an incline is what did me in.  We stopped to walk our bikes across the intersection and when I got off, I misjudged my footing and took a spill.  Along with the bike on top of me.

It's not too bad though.  Although because I'm on blood thinners it left a shiny bruise but nothing was hurt more than my pride.  And a lesson was learned to always look before I dismount.

We started back up again and this time with no more incidents, thankfully.  

Chris was teaching me the ins and outs of shifting and proper bike etiquette.  (Back in my day, you just got on a bike and rode it!  Hrmph!)

We made one entire loop around both of the LSU Lakes, and also stopped for water at the halfway point at the area that is known as "Baton Rouge Beach" (not a beach, by the way).

As we were nearing the end of our lap and close to the car, Chris had told me to pick up speed because there is a hill ahead.  I was sitting there thinking that he had lost his damn mind because we are FLAT down here.  Sure enough, a hill that I had not noticed before.  And right before the hill was a big puddle of water.  He instructed to just go through the water (maintaining speed).  Uh, no.  I slowed down and went around the puddle and then came to "the hill".

The hill was a struggle.  

And Chris atop the hill laughing at me giving me his best "I told you so" stare.

I was dying trying to peddle up that hill.  I'm sure an 85 year old could have walked faster than I was peddling.  My heart rate jumped as high as I had ever seen it jump on my fitbit.  But I was determined to not get off my bike and walk it up.  I was going to ride that damn hill all the way.  After what felt like 10 minutes, I finally made it.  

Our entire route put us at almost 6.5 miles and for Louisiana, it's a gorgeous route.  Plenty of space to get around the walkers or runners.  Plenty of turtles in the lake, beautiful trees and lots of people watching too.  

Needless to say, it was a great experience and we are definitely looking forward to doing it again.  We are scouting out locations and bike paths in our area for our future adventures and will have more than a few lined up in the coming months!

Have you tried any new things lately?  Found a hidden passion that you didn't know was there?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Flying Pig 5K Race Recap

Our trip to Cincinnati has finally come to and end and it's been back to reality (and work) for the last 2 days.  I'm just now finally getting around to posting about our trip.  I figure that I'll do the actual trip part in another post and just recap the 5K itself here.

Packet Pick Up

We grabbed an uber to bring us downtown to the Duke Energy Expo Center.  It took only 5 minutes to get there since we were staying directly across the river in Covington, Kentucky.  This was my first huge expo and to say it was a bit overwhelming could be an understatement.  I was in big trouble.  So many shiny things! And vendors!  And bondi bands!  And shoes!  With Chris there reining me in was probably a good thing.  There was one slight necessity that we did go to specifically get.  A long sleeved shirt or a hoodie.  Because it was cold a.f. in Cincy.  The weather forecasters LIED.  We were told before we left that the weather would be in the lower 70s.  All indications now were saying upper 40s to low 50s for race time.  Needless to say I wasn't going to be wearing the tank top that I had originally planned to wear or the backup tech t-shirt, maybe as layers, but I digress.

Once I found a shirt that I did like (I ended up with a long sleeved tech shirt) we headed over to packet pick up.  I was also picking up for a friend who was driving in later that night but that went very smoothly for Chris and I both.  No problems at all.  The only thing that was a little weird for me was that the t-shirt pickup was all the way in the back of the exhibition all.  I get it though, they want you to buy all the things on the way to picking up your free shirt.  And well, their marketing strategy worked.

We went to meet friends at a pub and then headed back to the hotel for the evening.  I laid out our multitude of layers and then went to bed.

The Race

Here's a list of the names of the friends that we met up with:
Me - Desiree'
Chris - My husband
Anna - Blogs over at Losing My Puppy
Meg (running her first marathon on Sunday) - Blogs over at Running Just As Fast As You Can
Tiina - Blogs over at One Crazy Penguin
Mary - Blogs over at Runs To Get Waisted
Gary - Anna's husband
Brittany - Facebook friend and fellow Lovely Lady
Chris version 2 - Brittany's husband)

The morning of we hit a bit more traffic in our uber than the day before and it ended up taking about 15 minutes to get there.  Our driver dropped us off as close as he could to Paul Brown Stadium and then we walked over to where our corrals were near the Great American Ballpark.  It was there that we met up with Tiina for the first time!  Soonafter, Anna and Gary showed up followed by our other two lovely ladies, Mary and Meg.  (Mary, Meg and Gary were our cheering squad for this race).   Anna, Tiina and I were walking the race while Chris was running his very first official 5k race!  His goal was just to finish and to run the whole thing.

Lining up!

Our squad (center left)

I knew going into this that Anna was a very fast walker (she had hauled me around in January!) but I figured that Tiina, (who has an injury) maybe would counteract the swiftness?  Nope!

But honestly, it was a quick pace but it was also a comfortable one.  So it wasn't too bad, except for the hills.  In fact we talked so much the race course just flew by.  It was by far the best race experience that I have ever had at this time I didn't come in dead last either.  So that's a definite WIN!
Tiina, Anna and I

Chris texted me when we were between mile 2 and 3 that he was finished!  I looked at my watch and realized then that he not only finished in a great time that he crushed his goal.  Previously he only ran on the treadmill and his times were roughly around the 50 minute mark for his 5k runs.  He finished in 37.35!

Riding that high of having my hubby finish in such a great time, I was determined for us to cross 3.1 off under 60 minutes and since we were done with most of the hills, we were able to do just that!  My watch had the course at a bit longer than a typical 5K but we did in fact cross the Finish Swine under our goal!

Cheering from the baseball stadium

After The Race

Back to the expo! And we met up with another Lovely Lady, Brittany and her husband, Chris there as well.  We needed to pick up the packets for our marathoners and for more shopping.  This time I ended up with a t-shirt and a tank top (because we live in Louisiana and it would be a long while before I could wear my long sleeved shirt).  Chris was a good sport and didn't grumble too much about my purchases.  Oh, I got a wine glass too.  Because, wine glass.

And then our marathoners put in a request for waffles, so we headed to a restaurant called A Taste of Belgium.  The food was delicious so was the beer!  And unfortunately I was so busy talking and eating that I forgot to get a picture of mine.  But here's one of Chris's burger and his caption.

Then we walked everyone back to their hotel, and uber-ed it back to our hotel for a nice nap!   And it was glorious!  We all then made plans to head back to Mary and Meg's hotel room, get some pizzas and make signs for Meg and Gary's marathon the next morning!  We probably kept Meg up way too late (sorry!!!) but we had a complete blast just laughing and hanging out.  All in all it was a really wonderful race and a way to spend a Saturday.

Ended the day with a TON of steps too.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ahem, still here. But finally with cabinets!

Let's just say April hasn't been the best month.  

I didn't even bother weighing in today because I got home late from my match and Chris was still doing a wood-working project so we just caved and ordered Domino's.  I did weigh in last week and saw a loss of about 1.6 pounds.  But I'm sure this week I gained that back.   I'll try to do a full April wrap up hopefully on Monday and (spoiler alert), only 1 out of 3 goals will have been met.  But more on that later.  

My focus has finally shifted towards our vacation that is coming up next week!  We are starting out Wednesday and heading up to Cincinnati to watch the amazing Running Meg compete in her first marathon!  And we are planning on just having a good time and relaxing.  There really hasn't been much of that going on in our world since a very long time. (At least since the Floodpocolypse).  The plan is to make it to Nashville the first day and get a little sightseeing done that evening and the next morning before continuing on to Louisville and eventually Cincy.   And then I get to finally meet so many of my bloggy friends who are also going up there to root Meg on!   It should be a really great trip and I am definitely looking forward to it.  

So here is a little picture recap of whats been going on lately.

Tennis match

Gearing up for some lap swimming soon, hopefully!

CABINETS!!  Finally!

And Chris made these temporary counter-tops last night

Car rides

Park Shenanigans

And cat weirdness

Ya know, just typical stuff.  :)   Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

April quest chain update

April hasn't quite gotten off to the start that I had hoped.  Some areas are doing well but thanks to a nice little cold last week,  I haven't managed to get in as much exercise as I wanted to so far this month.  But alas, colds happen.

This is how I'm doing in other areas:

1. Log all food -  Yea, not the best here either.  I did pretty well during the week but once more, with feeling, the weekends are my nemesis.  Giving myself a big ole F grade here.
2. No alcohol.  A+ because I have not had one single drop!
3. So far I'm at 389/1200, so I'm not as far along as I had hoped with exercise, but I hope to pick up the pace soon enough.  So I'm giving myself  a C for now.

I did also rejoin the Y near me so I started back on Monday!  Felt like coming home, not only because of the flood but this is where my success started to happen back in 2012/2013.

As you can see, the equipment is all in the gym.  They are still repairing some areas so hopefully soon the fitness center will be operational and we can have all the equipment back in that area again.  On the other side of the curtain is where they have been doing group exercise and also have some basketball goals.  The upstairs track is also available as is both the indoor and outdoor pools (I'm eager to take advantage of those again too).

This was the first day they had opened at 5am.  It's weird to see it so empty.
Yesterday, my partner and I had a really good match.  We won 6-1; 6-1 and definitely was very proud of how we played.  My serve wasn't the best yesterday but I had a good night up at the net and nailed several really good alley shots and did some decent court placement utilizing the strategy of "hit it where they ain't".  It worked out in our favor.  Thankfully.  he he

Yesterday was also the 2nd anniversary of Ollie's "Gotcha day!"  We gave him extra kissys and love and played a long round of fetch after work.  Fetch is his favorite.

In gaming news, I finished Horizon: Zero Dawn and man, that game was completely amazing.  I loved it.  It felt a lot like the Uncharted game with some Girl hero badassery thrown in for good measure.  Here's a screen shot of a scene that I captured.  The game was also just really beautiful visually.

I also started playing Mass Effect; Andromeda and like it so far even though I don't really like the setup and the UI is clunky and not very user friendly.  Other than that, it is pretty fun at least.

Here's some random pics of life lately.

Oz watching Dave Chappelle

Sleepy and Grumpy - two of the seven dwarfs in one!

Me, daughter Devyn, her boyfriend, James and other random family members


That's about all that I have for now.  I'm getting really excited about our upcoming trip to Cincinnati and to see all these blogger friends that I have been communicating with for so long in real life!  It will be here soon!

Hope you all are having a great week!  Keep on keeping on!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Quest for April

This is no April Fools prank, I assure you.

So I've definitely started making some very positive strides in March, but I don't fully feel like I'm 100% committed and in the right mindset though.  I'm closer than where I was before, that's for sure. But, I still have areas I need to work on.  So with that in mind, I wanted to start getting out of my comfort zone a bit. 

The quest chain for April is as follows:

1.  Log food every single day.  In fact, I'm seriously thinking of skipping a day Friday to start my My Fitness Pal streak over again starting April 1st just to help me be accountable for this.  Sure I log into MFP each day, but (confessional time) sometimes I literally just log in for the streak and not do any logging other than that.  And that is bullshit.  It takes no time to log your food. I can spare an extra 2 minutes in my schedule to log the food and then hit submit.

2. (and this is a biggie).  No alcohol.  So my blood work numbers for my Coumadin have been really crazy lately.  I know we've been eating out more since the Floodpocolypse in August and not having cabinets or counter tops still has been affecting food prep and not in a good way.   Basically no casseroles or anything bigger than what we can throw in the dishwasher since ergo, no counter tops also equals no kitchen sink at the moment.  But, what I can do to help with this other than watching my food and the "what" of what I eat, I can step way out of my zone and go full kibosh on alcohol consumption.  I've noticed here and there we will have a beer or a glass of wine.  Back when I was first starting to lose weight and was successful with it, I was only drinking one day a week and even then it was only 1 or 2 glasses of something.  Here lately on the weekends Chris and I have been indulging constantly and even a few during the week too (on Monday night's bowling, it's nothing for one of my team mates and I to down 2 pitchers of beer - and that is JUST for two of us).  I want to see if stopping completely for the month will get my numbers back into normal range and with that and my exercising can hopefully offset the food issue until we can get back to meal prep like we used to.  We even lost our crock pot in the flood.  So that's something else we will need to replace soon.  

3.  Plan on exercising 1200 minutes.  I'm starting with a manageable number that I know I've hit easily in the past.  To get to this number, I can do a few things.  I'm going to count actual minutes of exercise, whether it be walking, running, swimming, tennis, weights, yoga.  All of which I want to get back to doing.  

If I think of more things that I want to incorporate, I'll be sure to add to it, but for now that's a start.  

Oh and in other news, I'm definitely rejoining our local YMCA.  The one "literally right next door" just reopened last week.  Now granted they have limited their operating hours, but between having access to the exercise equipment, I'll have access to an indoor track which helps with my 5k training since we have been getting quite a few rainouts lately, I can just take my runs indoors now when it does rain.  No more excuses.

In other non-planning news, we finally won a tennis match!  All these losses have been getting in my head and we sorely needed a victory for our morale.  We lost the first set, but then came back to dominate in the 2nd set.  And then finally in the Match tie-breaker we were point for point with them until finally we pulled ahead at the end and ended up taking the match!

Do you have any plans for April?  What are your goals?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Hodgepodge

This will be a bunch of random scattered thoughts so bear with me!

On Tuesday, my new racquet came in!  I am thrilled at how retro it looks!  It's aptly named "Radical". Hoping to get it strung this weekend and give it a go sometime early  next week!   It reminds me of Agassi in the 80s back when he had hair and wore neon and jorts!

The racquet came with a drawstring bag and I also won string for it.

Also Tuesday night we had a league match.  We got demolished.  If this team doesn't win state, I'd love to see the team who beats them.  I feel like I played ok but they just outplayed us and obviously had been playing together for a long time.  We will get there one day.

During the match, we had an owl pop in right above our court and just hang out!  It was really cool to see and although the picture doesn't do it justice, it was a huge owl!  We stopped play just to gawk at him and I was able to snag this pic.

Wednesday I finally had enough with my hair and decided to get it cut.   It had been almost 6 months since I had a cut and needed it desperately.

One of mine and Ollie's early morning adventures during the week.  We both overslept this morning though!

I also picked up some new dampeners for my racquet.

And here's a random shot of some serious laziness happening on my couch.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!