Monday, October 3, 2016

October Log In

Hard to believe that it is October already.  We had our first little cool snap this past week and it was wonderful!  We got down to a whopping 58º one morning (and a high of about 83º but still...) This week we are going to be back in the lower 90s so it was nice while it lasted.

Today on my morning walk

So far this month has been pretty solid.  I may have gone over a few times with logging food, but I'm at least being mindful of what I am eating.  Baby steps.  Speaking of logging food, I decided to give Lose It app a try.  I think I really like it.  They have a bar code feature too, just like My Fitness Pal but they also have this neat little thing where you can snap a pic of your food and it offers suggestions.  It's not perfect, but it's fairly accurate and so far I am impressed.

See, not the best choices, but I'm at least logging!
I've exercised 2 out of the last 3 days and even thought I didn't technically exercise Sunday, I did do a good amount of housework and broke a sweat at our house and then when I got back to Mom and Dad's, I did a few more things there too.  There is still so much to do.  Maybe soon, I will recap the Floodpocalypse for you.

Sunday at the house

I did my initial weigh in on Saturday too.  It was bad, but not quite as bad as I was fearing.  Sorry, no pic. but it is 225.0.  It was taken on my mom's scale too so I am not sure of the accuracy.  I have a new scale but have not set it up yet.  It's in a box...somewhere, either in storage or in my mom's junk room.  The weight is not up to my highest from before, but this will signify my "new" highest on this latest endeavor. 

Several months back I got a new Fitbit blaze, in lieu of a new Garmin watch.  I have to say I really love it! And now even more since they did an update last week.  Now it gives me a little notice if I haven't gotten up and moved each hour.  At about 10 minutes til, you get this message:

It's been a nice little reminder and I'm definitely trying to be mindful of getting more steps in when I can since activity is limited right now.  I really am ready for everything to get back to normal.

And once normal happens, I'm hoping that I can start improving my tennis game again and that means taking some lessons and doing some clinics with more frequency.  During my last match on Thursday, I played with a new girl on my 2nd league and after our match she introduced me to her boyfriend- who happens to coach.  I spoke with him for a good bit afterwards about what my goals are (to become a better player, and to get back into losing weight, overall fitness,etc again) and he spoke a good bit about what he does as a coach.  Overall I like him so I think I will give it a shot soon I hope.  I just really cannot commit fully right now to x amounts of practices per week.  I think once we get back to our house, then maybe I can jump back into a more normal and structured routine.  Plus the cost is going to be a factor too.  We shall see.

I am on two tennis leagues right now too.  One is winding down and the other is in the 2nd week.  These don't last too long in the fall though but I'm still enjoying a little "me" time out on the courts.  It's been a nice change to not think about the house for a couple hours each week.

In other nerdy news, I will be excited to show you the finished product but in our "new old" house instead of a nerd cabinet, we will have an entire Nerd Room.  I'm hoping it will be as awesome as I am envisioning it.  The only nerdy thing we've done lately is deface our old cabinets with a little Walking Dead flare and we started watching some Luke Cage on netflix this weekend.

It's been a good start to the month and I hope to continue on this reboot with some successes to share.  Until then,

Monday, September 26, 2016

Rebooting my life


[verb ree-boot; noun ree-boot, ree-boot]

verb (used with object)
1. to restart (a computer) by loading the operating system; boot again.
2. to produce a distinctly new version of (an established media franchise, as a film, TV show, video game, or comic book):  The studio is rebooting Spider-Man.
3. to make a change in (something) in order to establish a new beginning: She’s rebooting her career.

I use this word a lot in my day to day.  I work in Information Technology, you see.  Most of my work focuses on problem solving a variety of issues that come up with computers, monitors, software, printers, etc..   So why not apply those changes to myself?   

The thing is... I did it before.  2013-2014, I dropped 55 pounds and was healthy!  But I got complacent as I usually do and then guess what happens?  Yep.  Weight starts piling on again and next thing you know you've gained back 45 give or take of those pounds lost.  If not more.  I haven't weighed since July.   I will.  I'm not ready to just yet.  Before I can make myself an absolute priority again, there is something else that needs to happen first.  

I've got to get my house in order.  Literally.  

We didn't fare too well in the Great Apocalyptic Louisiana Flood of 2016.  So that has been an all-consuming event since August 13th.  We are making progress, slowly but surely. 

Bottom line.  I need accountability.  I need a habit again and structure.  I may not post often, but I do plan on checking in at least monthly to check my progress and see how my system is reacting to the new new me version 2.0.  The tentative plan is to start October 1st although I'm making smaller changes and focusing on what I can control.  For example: 
  • I CAN log all my food in My Fitness Pal, no matter how crappy it may be
  • I CAN walk on breaks at work
  • I CAN drink more water and less alcohol
  • I CAN make better choices. I just need to implement them.  Meal planning may have to come back into the fold later but until then, there are ways I can definitely do better  
There is definitely room for improvement.   And then once everything else gets back on a more normal schedule, I can work out an actual plan, like weights and restarting C25K.   As of right now, all my free and available time and energy has been getting the house back.  The walls are up, painting is (mostly) complete, working out a few more details with cabinets and flooring and still cleaning also.  Once the floors go in, the hope is to get furniture and appliances back in and then us soon-after, whether we have cabinets or not.  I'm just ready to go home.

So here I go.  Again.  And again. And again.  Maybe this will be the time that everything clicks and I stick with it.

New blog.  New outlook.  New start.

A reboot mentally, physically and emotionally.