Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I just noticed that I haven't posted since early October.  I really don't want to make infrequent postings a habit so, nothing like the new year to chime in.

So, where we left, I thought I was in a good space to start anew.   We still hadn't quite moved back home at that point (that happened several weeks after my last blog post).  And since we've been home, it's been wonderful.  Truly.  So glad to be in our own space but thankful that we did have somewhere to go during all the chaos.   And we've been working pretty diligently with getting everything mostly back to normal, with the exception of the holidays.  From Thanksgiving until pretty much now, on the weekends we haven't done squat.  Back to playing ps4 and binge watching netflix.  It's been GLORIOUS.   But I realize it has to come at a price.  I need to work(out) in order to play.   So back to the grind I go.  Here's the plan.

Food -

Kitchen is still in a bit of disarray since we still do not have cabinets.  Everyone in Baton Rouge is basically on the same waiting list I think.  So we are having to resort to meals that don't require much prep but something we can whip up with limited bakeware/cookware items.  (Most of the stuff we just re-bought is still in boxes in one of our spare bedrooms).  So we've been making burgers, spaghetti and casseroles.  Not quite the healthiest of choices, but fairly simple to throw together and since we have no kitchen sink.  We need things that we can throw into the dishwasher to clean (or wash dishes out of the bathtub - and trust me that is not a fun experience).  So bottom line, is that we are able to (halfway) meal prep and it may not be the best intentions but I will still log it diligently into My Fitness Pal.

Total side note, while I loved the Lose-It! app, the restaurant feature and the recipes that I can transfer from other websites are still the best thing about MFP.  So back with it.  Also, I'm geauxgirl1974 there.  Add me and keep me accountable!

Exercise -

Starting off slow. I tend to go balls to the wall and over-exert myself so I'm trying to get a normal routine established.  Hoping for 5 days per week and at least 30 minutes of effort (walking, redo-ing Couch to 5K, weights, etc.)  Also signed up for 2 tennis teams for the spring and that will be starting up in a few weeks.  Once I start getting used to it all again, I will start upping reps, and minutes and go from there.

A wonderful group that I belong to decided that we wanted to each have a word for the year.  My word is "Effort".  But I secretly have another word in it as well.

And now the (not so) fun part.

The new before pic:

Weigh in as of Jan 1st, 2017.  Not quite as high as my "all time" but close enough.

Womp womp.  Excuse the feet too.

And since I don't want to leave this post with the thought of my ugly feet, here's a picture of a sleeping puppy.  Ollie was dead asleep just like this.  It's the only time I can get a decent picture of him when he isn't moving.

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