Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January reboot

I definitely made some positive strides this month with the reboot.   Here's a little recap of how my January went.


Food was definitely more mindful.  I logged a good bit (when I actually remembered to do so).  Although some choices weren't the best especially living without cabinets and having a lack of space for proper meal prep, I would give it a C+ grade.  There is definitely room to improve there, especially with logging in My Fitness Pal.


Exercise has definitely increased.  I've started walking more and hoping to maintain 10k steps by tracking with my Fitbit, especially during the week.  Sadly though, only made it to the gym for weights only once this month.  But I suppose that's better than zero.  Still, I need to do better there.  Also tennis league started and I'm on 2 different teams this year.  So at least a few days per week I will be playing some tennis too.

In other news, I restarted Couch to 5K (again) so hopefully 3 times per week that will continue.  I still have no love for running so even if when I do finish the program this time around, I have no intentions of running any more than the 3 times per week like I am now.  And usually that will happen before work so I'd say no more than 2-4 miles is all I'll have in me with that.  Tennis is my main "thing" so this will just be a happy supplement to getting in shape for that.

All in all, it was a much better effort than it has been so I'm going to give myself a "B-" here.

Weight loss:

Womp. Womp.   I am only down 1 pound this month.  Which honestly isn't surprising.  Logging was inconsistent and my food choices do need to be better.  And oh my word do I need to do better with water intake too.

So down from 232.8 to 231.8 as of this morning.    And I believe I get a big ole fat "F" for that one.


In other January related shenanigans, it was a very eventful month!   We had many adventures and met some really wonderful people, and also got some house things going again.

We started installing baseboards and got all 3 bedrooms complete.

I spectated the Louisiana Marathon and got to meet the lovely Anna from Losing My Puppy blog! Her husband, Gary, ran the marathon!  It was wonderful meeting them and I cannot wait to hopefully do it again next year (and maybe in May too, but more on that later!)

At tennis last night, I saw a gorgeous sunset; complete with the Moon and Venus (could not see Mars but it supposedly was there too!

And here's some random animal pictures.  Because furbabies!

In conclusion, I definitely made some positive strides this month but I also have some areas that I need to work on too.  Onto February!  Bring. It. On.