Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Quest for April

This is no April Fools prank, I assure you.

So I've definitely started making some very positive strides in March, but I don't fully feel like I'm 100% committed and in the right mindset though.  I'm closer than where I was before, that's for sure. But, I still have areas I need to work on.  So with that in mind, I wanted to start getting out of my comfort zone a bit. 

The quest chain for April is as follows:

1.  Log food every single day.  In fact, I'm seriously thinking of skipping a day Friday to start my My Fitness Pal streak over again starting April 1st just to help me be accountable for this.  Sure I log into MFP each day, but (confessional time) sometimes I literally just log in for the streak and not do any logging other than that.  And that is bullshit.  It takes no time to log your food. I can spare an extra 2 minutes in my schedule to log the food and then hit submit.

2. (and this is a biggie).  No alcohol.  So my blood work numbers for my Coumadin have been really crazy lately.  I know we've been eating out more since the Floodpocolypse in August and not having cabinets or counter tops still has been affecting food prep and not in a good way.   Basically no casseroles or anything bigger than what we can throw in the dishwasher since ergo, no counter tops also equals no kitchen sink at the moment.  But, what I can do to help with this other than watching my food and the "what" of what I eat, I can step way out of my zone and go full kibosh on alcohol consumption.  I've noticed here and there we will have a beer or a glass of wine.  Back when I was first starting to lose weight and was successful with it, I was only drinking one day a week and even then it was only 1 or 2 glasses of something.  Here lately on the weekends Chris and I have been indulging constantly and even a few during the week too (on Monday night's bowling, it's nothing for one of my team mates and I to down 2 pitchers of beer - and that is JUST for two of us).  I want to see if stopping completely for the month will get my numbers back into normal range and with that and my exercising can hopefully offset the food issue until we can get back to meal prep like we used to.  We even lost our crock pot in the flood.  So that's something else we will need to replace soon.  

3.  Plan on exercising 1200 minutes.  I'm starting with a manageable number that I know I've hit easily in the past.  To get to this number, I can do a few things.  I'm going to count actual minutes of exercise, whether it be walking, running, swimming, tennis, weights, yoga.  All of which I want to get back to doing.  

If I think of more things that I want to incorporate, I'll be sure to add to it, but for now that's a start.  

Oh and in other news, I'm definitely rejoining our local YMCA.  The one "literally right next door" just reopened last week.  Now granted they have limited their operating hours, but between having access to the exercise equipment, I'll have access to an indoor track which helps with my 5k training since we have been getting quite a few rainouts lately, I can just take my runs indoors now when it does rain.  No more excuses.

In other non-planning news, we finally won a tennis match!  All these losses have been getting in my head and we sorely needed a victory for our morale.  We lost the first set, but then came back to dominate in the 2nd set.  And then finally in the Match tie-breaker we were point for point with them until finally we pulled ahead at the end and ended up taking the match!

Do you have any plans for April?  What are your goals?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Hodgepodge

This will be a bunch of random scattered thoughts so bear with me!

On Tuesday, my new racquet came in!  I am thrilled at how retro it looks!  It's aptly named "Radical". Hoping to get it strung this weekend and give it a go sometime early  next week!   It reminds me of Agassi in the 80s back when he had hair and wore neon and jorts!

The racquet came with a drawstring bag and I also won string for it.

Also Tuesday night we had a league match.  We got demolished.  If this team doesn't win state, I'd love to see the team who beats them.  I feel like I played ok but they just outplayed us and obviously had been playing together for a long time.  We will get there one day.

During the match, we had an owl pop in right above our court and just hang out!  It was really cool to see and although the picture doesn't do it justice, it was a huge owl!  We stopped play just to gawk at him and I was able to snag this pic.

Wednesday I finally had enough with my hair and decided to get it cut.   It had been almost 6 months since I had a cut and needed it desperately.

One of mine and Ollie's early morning adventures during the week.  We both overslept this morning though!

I also picked up some new dampeners for my racquet.

And here's a random shot of some serious laziness happening on my couch.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Every single detail

“I was 19 years old. I realized, Oh My God. There’s so much more to tennis than just practice in a cold hall somewhere in Switzerland. This is what tennis could be about,” he says reflecting on the match. “I realized, I want to be back on the court one day, I’d love to compete with these guys on a regular basis, I’d rather play on the bigger court than on the smaller courts… And all of a sudden it started to make sense. Why you’re doing weights. Why you’re running. Why you arrive early at a tournament. Why you try to sleep well at night. We just started to understand the importance of every single detail. Because it makes a difference.”
                                                                                  - Roger Federer

The G.O.A.T. gets it.

It's not just about tennis.  It's about all the things that get you to where you want to be.  

On Sunday, one of my teams had a make-up match from a rain out a few weeks ago.  Chris and I didn't eat too much during the day since he was planning to grill some burgers and make a dip for our usual Sunday night gathering.  I did eat a protein bar, but really, as we do on most weekends, we just didn't eat too much for some reason or another.  Along with not eating much, I had only had my usual morning coffee and one glass of water.

And I just nearly about died out there on the court yesterday.  I felt miserable afterwards when I did get home and cooled down.  The temps were up to 85ยบ already here in Louisiana and with the sun blazing down, it was just utterly awful out there.  I chugged my way through my entire 54 oz water jug during the match and then refilled it as I left.  By then the damage was done.  I felt shitty the rest of the night.  Even though I ate, I just felt terrible and head-achy.  

So, a lesson was learned.  It is the little things that make a difference.  It's the drinking of the water.  It's the extra sun-screen that you need to apply.  It's the eating a proper meal and not half-assing your way through the day.

In other news, I started a new 5k training program this morning.  I ran/walked for 10 minutes, basically 1 minute walk, 1 minute run.  I'll do that once more on Wednesday and then alternate those for up to 20 minutes on Friday or Saturday.  I have a match Tuesday night and either Wednesday evening I'll go to round robin tennis or weights (or --- gasp! maybe both!).  Thursday, maybe elliptical or rest.  We'll see what I end up doing Wednesday.  All these with my usual 30 minute walks at work too.  

It feels good to be exercising again.  

And don't forget to drink your water, everyone!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pigs can fly

So on my last blog, I swore off running.  Had no desire to do so, like at all.  But, here recently hubby started running a bit and going to the gym.

I've started to begin thinking about it and how I can fit in it.  It's do-able.

And then, my good friend and a fellow blogger decided to run a marathon in Cincinnati and a lot of us from our little group of fellow bloggers and strangers friends decided to make a group trip out of it!  So a large portion of our little facebook group will be meeting up in support of Meg and her marathon, and running or spectating some of the other races as well.  That got me to thinking.  Chris is already running so maybe he'd  like to give a 5k a go.  The race itself didn't impress him, nor the medal (he's never ran in a race before, only watched me run) but the chance to get a space blanket did.

The OG space blanket from Better Call Saul
So with Chris on board and agreeing to do it, I figured I'd better jump on in also.   So I registered us both for the 5k.

Piggies, I guess, can learn to fly and I can remember how to run.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides of March; or a good time to pull that knife out of your back and start again.

Well, after staying the same weight wise for roughly the last 3 and a half months, I'm happy to say that I actually saw a loss.  My scale is sort of hard to get to now so it's actually worked out to my benefit and I haven't been able to obsess about the numbers.  

Excuse the dirt/scmutz on the screen.

That's a loss of 4.4 since January!

May not be much but I am THRILLED about it.  And that is a loss of 6.2 since the first used the scale (hence the 6.2 number).  

I really feel like I'm finally getting back into a good place mentally with actually working out, eating right, etc.  I'm not full on balls to the walls yet like I was before, but I do feel like I'm turning a corner and actually starting to look forward to exercising again.  

My 2.5 team had a match last night and we did pretty well.  We did lose, but I really feel like my partner, Amy and I are starting to play well together.  We made a few unforced errors at crucial times but still feel like we played connected.  We lost 3-6; 4-6 but went to deuce several times in each game.  So not too bad, despite the loss.  

I was cleaning out my tennis bag before my match to put everything in my new bag and someone stole the balls that were in my old bag.   

So this month (for once) is actually off to a pretty good start.  Now to keep that momentum flowing.

Also, finally, I changed my My Fitness Pal name if anyone wants to add me (or re-add me).  It's now RebootingDes.

Monday, March 13, 2017

This year is getting away from me but NO MORE!

Every time I think that life is sort of getting back to normal, I'm slammed back into reality.

Truth is, this is my new normal.  As the saying goes, I need to suck it up, buttercup.  I am starting to realize though that I'm getting back in the right frame of mind.  I'm "thinking" about food and my relationship with it.  I'm wanting to get back to making smoothies and eating healthier.  Chris is on board too.  Just have to knuckle down and figure a way to make it work.  And oh my goodness, get back to logging food and blogging.  Those two things right there always helped me to be accountable.  I realize that all my successes that I had went hand in hand with those two things.  Logging my food and documenting everything.

In that same vein of thinking.  I've coming to the realization that I just can't get a consistent exercise routine going in the morning and very soon here, it will be too hot to do anything outdoors unless it's much later at night.   Since the flood and a bit before, we had decided to join Planet Fitness.  But the truth is that even though there are two locations they are all the way across town and Baton Rouge traffic is notoriously ridiculous.  So I've been debating on rejoining the YMCA again.  We have a branch that is "literally" right around the corner from my house.  This worked so well for me before because it served two purposes, the obvious one, exercise.  I would come home from work, change and (most importantly NOT sit down on the coach) and head back to the Y.  With Planet Fitness, it would take an hour just to get back to it after coming home, changing, letting the dog out to potty and then going there.   "Could I have done that?"  Sure.  "Have I done that?"  Only twice this year.  So yea, that really isn't working for me.  The second reason is tennis.  I'm playing sporadically, not taking any lessons and not improving so much.  Much of that honestly, is due to the weight gain.  But the second reason is that I can get my unlimited tennis back at the Y and take advantage of free courts, ball machine, and reduced price lessons.

So I think that I've already made the decision.  It will be more expensive: $70 per month, versus $20 per month for the both of us but Chris has a gym now at his work and he's been taking advantage of it so we can cancel his P.F. membership as well.  

2017 has been a bust so far but I'm planning on starting anew (again).   The Ides of March will be my new (new) start date.  I'll post that day with a plan and starting weight and all that jazz.

Now here's some fun stuff that has been going on lately now that the heavy stuff is over.

Saturday afternoon we bought a new grill!  Ready to start putting it too good use too.  We had some friends over last night for The Walking Dead and Cards Against Humanity so Chris made us some steaks and they came out fantastic!

Chris with his "supervisor", Ollie

Also, I won a new racquet!  I entered one of those Facebook contests - you know the ones that people never win or at least so I thought!  It hasn't come in yet but I'm pretty stoked and can't wait to try it out when I do get it!

And in preparation for the new arrival, I just had to get a new bag!  My current bag only holds 1-2 racquets so I will pass my old one along to Chris since his racquet is probably getting messed up in the trunk of his car.

And finally, my parents bought a pontoon boat!  We took a trip last Thursday to False River in New Roads, Louisiana and took it out.  We spent all day just cruising around and then docked up at a restaurant for lunch, then went out for a bit more!  It was a nice leisurely day, at least until the rain came!

Lately, Chris and I have been playing a lot of Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PS4 and we are also still playing a good bit of Overwatch, although not as much.  We are re-watching "Community" and have recently discovered "@midnight" and howl with laughter each week.  I'm planning on rewatching some Buffy soon since we just hit it's 20th anniversary of the premiere (man, do I feel old or what?!)  That will be my elliptical treat when I get more gym consistent.

So that's a little bit of what has been going on in my world.  Here's a few random pet shots from the zoo:

How do you get the accountability back? What helps you get on track and stay there?