Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides of March; or a good time to pull that knife out of your back and start again.

Well, after staying the same weight wise for roughly the last 3 and a half months, I'm happy to say that I actually saw a loss.  My scale is sort of hard to get to now so it's actually worked out to my benefit and I haven't been able to obsess about the numbers.  

Excuse the dirt/scmutz on the screen.

That's a loss of 4.4 since January!

May not be much but I am THRILLED about it.  And that is a loss of 6.2 since the first used the scale (hence the 6.2 number).  

I really feel like I'm finally getting back into a good place mentally with actually working out, eating right, etc.  I'm not full on balls to the walls yet like I was before, but I do feel like I'm turning a corner and actually starting to look forward to exercising again.  

My 2.5 team had a match last night and we did pretty well.  We did lose, but I really feel like my partner, Amy and I are starting to play well together.  We made a few unforced errors at crucial times but still feel like we played connected.  We lost 3-6; 4-6 but went to deuce several times in each game.  So not too bad, despite the loss.  

I was cleaning out my tennis bag before my match to put everything in my new bag and someone stole the balls that were in my old bag.   

So this month (for once) is actually off to a pretty good start.  Now to keep that momentum flowing.

Also, finally, I changed my My Fitness Pal name if anyone wants to add me (or re-add me).  It's now RebootingDes.