Monday, March 13, 2017

This year is getting away from me but NO MORE!

Every time I think that life is sort of getting back to normal, I'm slammed back into reality.

Truth is, this is my new normal.  As the saying goes, I need to suck it up, buttercup.  I am starting to realize though that I'm getting back in the right frame of mind.  I'm "thinking" about food and my relationship with it.  I'm wanting to get back to making smoothies and eating healthier.  Chris is on board too.  Just have to knuckle down and figure a way to make it work.  And oh my goodness, get back to logging food and blogging.  Those two things right there always helped me to be accountable.  I realize that all my successes that I had went hand in hand with those two things.  Logging my food and documenting everything.

In that same vein of thinking.  I've coming to the realization that I just can't get a consistent exercise routine going in the morning and very soon here, it will be too hot to do anything outdoors unless it's much later at night.   Since the flood and a bit before, we had decided to join Planet Fitness.  But the truth is that even though there are two locations they are all the way across town and Baton Rouge traffic is notoriously ridiculous.  So I've been debating on rejoining the YMCA again.  We have a branch that is "literally" right around the corner from my house.  This worked so well for me before because it served two purposes, the obvious one, exercise.  I would come home from work, change and (most importantly NOT sit down on the coach) and head back to the Y.  With Planet Fitness, it would take an hour just to get back to it after coming home, changing, letting the dog out to potty and then going there.   "Could I have done that?"  Sure.  "Have I done that?"  Only twice this year.  So yea, that really isn't working for me.  The second reason is tennis.  I'm playing sporadically, not taking any lessons and not improving so much.  Much of that honestly, is due to the weight gain.  But the second reason is that I can get my unlimited tennis back at the Y and take advantage of free courts, ball machine, and reduced price lessons.

So I think that I've already made the decision.  It will be more expensive: $70 per month, versus $20 per month for the both of us but Chris has a gym now at his work and he's been taking advantage of it so we can cancel his P.F. membership as well.  

2017 has been a bust so far but I'm planning on starting anew (again).   The Ides of March will be my new (new) start date.  I'll post that day with a plan and starting weight and all that jazz.

Now here's some fun stuff that has been going on lately now that the heavy stuff is over.

Saturday afternoon we bought a new grill!  Ready to start putting it too good use too.  We had some friends over last night for The Walking Dead and Cards Against Humanity so Chris made us some steaks and they came out fantastic!

Chris with his "supervisor", Ollie

Also, I won a new racquet!  I entered one of those Facebook contests - you know the ones that people never win or at least so I thought!  It hasn't come in yet but I'm pretty stoked and can't wait to try it out when I do get it!

And in preparation for the new arrival, I just had to get a new bag!  My current bag only holds 1-2 racquets so I will pass my old one along to Chris since his racquet is probably getting messed up in the trunk of his car.

And finally, my parents bought a pontoon boat!  We took a trip last Thursday to False River in New Roads, Louisiana and took it out.  We spent all day just cruising around and then docked up at a restaurant for lunch, then went out for a bit more!  It was a nice leisurely day, at least until the rain came!

Lately, Chris and I have been playing a lot of Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PS4 and we are also still playing a good bit of Overwatch, although not as much.  We are re-watching "Community" and have recently discovered "@midnight" and howl with laughter each week.  I'm planning on rewatching some Buffy soon since we just hit it's 20th anniversary of the premiere (man, do I feel old or what?!)  That will be my elliptical treat when I get more gym consistent.

So that's a little bit of what has been going on in my world.  Here's a few random pet shots from the zoo:

How do you get the accountability back? What helps you get on track and stay there?


  1. So glad you mentioned your newer blog! I miss blogging and sharing the journey and all the randomness of life. I'm glad you are going back to the y, we have the same issue here with it so close to justify the costs. Hubs membership is with pf.

    So happy to see you 'up and running again' hehe.

    1. Thanks April! Good to be back. I'm hoping to get more active on IG too!

  2. Oh I feel you. I have been trying to lose the same weight since the boys were born...

    Love the new racket!! Hope it brings you lots of tennis luck. And good call on the YMCA. You have to do what works for you!

    1. Thanks! Yea, I'm just waiting on the Y to reopen now! Hopefully soon!

  3. Your in the right frame of mind!!!! You can do it!!!!

    And your decision between the Y and PF? Excellent choice on soooo many levels!!!!!