Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I want to ride my bicycle!

That Queen song has been stuck in my head for a week now because guess who has a new bike!?
That would be me.

Chris has been an avid bike lover for a few years now but I've always had other things going on or other distractions happening.  But in the spirit of moving more and needing less pressure on the ole joints, he finally convinced me to take up cycling and he is super excited that is something we can do together.  So we pulled the trigger and got me this beauty.

It's a TREK Skye mountain bike.  And for favorite color reasons, it's purple!  

Chris also had to get his bike tuned up and some chains replaced since it survived the flood so that took a couple days in the repair shop.  And then finally the weather started cooperating us so we took our bikes out for a spin (ha!) on Saturday.  

And being a newbie rider (honestly I haven't ridden a bike since Devyn was little - so at least 20 years - and then that wasn't with any regularity).  Probably the last time I was consistent with riding a bike was when I was in middle school.  I won't even go there as to how long ago that was.  We will just say it's been a long, long time ago.

After some struggle, Chris finally managed to get both of our bikes mounted with minimal damage to the bikes and his car.  

We headed to the LSU Lakes since it's a nice path for runners, walkers and other cyclists with minimal traffic.  We got to the City Park Tennis courts and decided to park there and we were off!  I didn't notice it at the time we started but we went down a really big hill (for Louisiana) that will come into play towards the end of the story.

The first mile flew by and I started realizing how fun this was and how carefree it was to feel the wind in my hair and just cruising along happily.  Then we came to our first intersection.

The stopping part wasn't the problem.  The dismounting and not realizing my foot was on an incline is what did me in.  We stopped to walk our bikes across the intersection and when I got off, I misjudged my footing and took a spill.  Along with the bike on top of me.

It's not too bad though.  Although because I'm on blood thinners it left a shiny bruise but nothing was hurt more than my pride.  And a lesson was learned to always look before I dismount.

We started back up again and this time with no more incidents, thankfully.  

Chris was teaching me the ins and outs of shifting and proper bike etiquette.  (Back in my day, you just got on a bike and rode it!  Hrmph!)

We made one entire loop around both of the LSU Lakes, and also stopped for water at the halfway point at the area that is known as "Baton Rouge Beach" (not a beach, by the way).

As we were nearing the end of our lap and close to the car, Chris had told me to pick up speed because there is a hill ahead.  I was sitting there thinking that he had lost his damn mind because we are FLAT down here.  Sure enough, a hill that I had not noticed before.  And right before the hill was a big puddle of water.  He instructed to just go through the water (maintaining speed).  Uh, no.  I slowed down and went around the puddle and then came to "the hill".

The hill was a struggle.  

And Chris atop the hill laughing at me giving me his best "I told you so" stare.

I was dying trying to peddle up that hill.  I'm sure an 85 year old could have walked faster than I was peddling.  My heart rate jumped as high as I had ever seen it jump on my fitbit.  But I was determined to not get off my bike and walk it up.  I was going to ride that damn hill all the way.  After what felt like 10 minutes, I finally made it.  

Our entire route put us at almost 6.5 miles and for Louisiana, it's a gorgeous route.  Plenty of space to get around the walkers or runners.  Plenty of turtles in the lake, beautiful trees and lots of people watching too.  

Needless to say, it was a great experience and we are definitely looking forward to doing it again.  We are scouting out locations and bike paths in our area for our future adventures and will have more than a few lined up in the coming months!

Have you tried any new things lately?  Found a hidden passion that you didn't know was there?


  1. Love everything about this - you look so happy! Makes me want to get our bikes out.

  2. NICE!! Tom and I went to get new bikes a few years ago and I HAD TO HAVE a pink cruiser. The salesman tried so hard to talk me out of it. Nope I was there for a pink cruiser and damn it I was getting a pink cruiser. However, guess who lives where it is hilly and not good for a bike with no gears.....you guessed it MEEEEE so I have ridden that 500+ dollar bike maaaaybe 5 times in as many years.

  3. I had a similar incident when I was first back on a bicycle after childhood...luckily falling off doesn't happen very often. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  4. You are inspiring me! I rode a bike a lot as a kid (say... 5th grade? so approximately 5 million years ago?). When I tried again as an adult it wasn't exactly "like riding a bike". Since then I've gotten a lot more muscle and I confessed to my old trainer that I couldn't ride a bike so she had me doing tons of balance related work. I keep saying I'll try again. The trail my husband likes to ride on even has a bike rental stand so one of these days I'll give it a shot.

  5. Damn hills! Looks like a fun ride!!