Friday, June 30, 2017

Technology and weight training!

So Chris and I recently discovered something at Planet Fitness this week.  We kept noticing that all the machines had QR code scanners on each of them.  Lo and behold a little closer inspection on the machine had a website listed just under that code and on that website was a link to an app, LFConnect (Life Fitness is the brand of machines that this particular Planet Fitness uses).

Let me back up just a bit.  I have always bemoaned the fact that I never truly had a way to log all the weights that I was doing.  Sure MFP has a generic "strength" category under exercise but its nothing more than adding minutes and half the time I had no idea even what the names of these machines were that I was using.  Plus there was no way to put what I had these machines set at as far as seat and bar positions.  So I had to basically rely on memory with it which lead to me sitting at the machine and testing the weights and the seat height until it felt comfortable.  Fitbit is great, but all that counts is heart rate and calorie burn.  I was always wanting something to actually track and list out what weights I was using and recording the sets and reps.  

And now we have found this app.  It is super easy to use.  You basically open the app then click on the QR Scanner in the upper right hand corner.

From there, you just scan the machine that you are currently working on. 

Then from there, you can view a video of the machine and the proper workout from.  You also list your seat position and the bar position and that will record it.  And then you basically just do your sets.

After your sets are complete, you select the "Record Results" button (In the pic above).

 And then just add those totals in:

Viola, sets are recorded and the weight!  Then you can go and view a summary of what you did that day. 

Workout done!  Now I'm anxious to see if the YMCA has this as well.  They do have the Life Fitness machines, but I need to see if they have the QR codes also.

And then you get back to the car and eat all the cashews so that your wife doesn't get any.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

Good morning, y'all!

It's been a decent week here.  Just plugging along but I'm happy to report that I'm down 1.4 this week bringing me to 225 on the nose.  Slowly but surely!  That brings me to a 6.2 pound loss for the month of June so far and a 8 pound loss altogether since restarting according to MFP!  (Side note, my all time high weight was 244.4 but I am starting anew as of mid May, 2017.)

Food -

Food this week has been decent.  I've noticed that I'm starting to eat much smaller portions and making better choices (Burgers with no bun, more veggies, etc).  But on the other hand, tracking in My Fitness Pal has been horrible.  I'm not sure why I can't ever remember to do this.  Maybe because I mainly eat the same thing day in and day out?  I am trying to do better this week though.  C- there

Exercise - 

A fairly solid week here, the only thing I wish I could have done a bit better was throwing more weight training in.  I'd like to do that at least 3x per week.  I also didn't get any elliptical in and I've been itching to throw swimming in the mix too.  But all in all, it was a steady week.

Wednesday - 15 minutes walking
Thursday - 25 minutes walking; 49 minutes weights
Friday - 72 minutes walking
Saturday - 40 minutes walking
Sunday - rest
Monday - 31 minutes walking; 2 hour 9 minute tennis match
Tuesday - 38 minutes walking

Giving myself a B with this.  

Exercise minutes for the month are at 1470/1000!  I blew my goal out of the water!  So I'm already starting to think about next month's goal and may aim for 1800 minutes. 

Here's a few activity pics from the week:

Thursday and I did not want to go but hubby asked, and I conceded.  I'm glad after the fact that I did it.

Friday morning drizzly walk

Ollie finally gets in on the action this week.  Thanks to the first dry day we've had.

Monday night's tennis match
So looking forward to trying to mix things up a bit this coming week.  Gotta get July off to a good start!  

How was your June?  Did you hit any goals that you had set?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Busy but productive weekend (and I met a professional tennis player!)

Good morning!

These weekends seem to fly by so quickly!  We did have a good one though and got more than a few things accomplished with equal parts relaxation thrown in for good measure.

Friday morning started off with a virtual walk at 5am with 2 of the ladies from our Facebook group.  We started texting each other promptly at 5 to make sure everyone was up.  It was great for accountability especially when it's been a struggle to get it done before work.  

The rest of Friday was just ok.  The work day drudged on and it was finally time to go home.  Chris grilled us some yummy steaks.  Can you guess which one was mine?  Needless to say, I couldn't eat all of mine so half of it went into a container for my lunch today.  I am very much looking forward to it too!  It was delicious!

Hint - I LOATHE Brussels sprouts
Saturday, we woke up to a storm (again!  It's been raining almost every day for 2 weeks).  Thankfully it blew through fairly quickly.  Around 10:30, poor Ollie was bouncing off the walls.  He knows when it's park day but I thought the ground would be too wet to take him.  Instead I opted for a walk with him at the same park on the paths and the sidewalk.  I figured there would be more shade there for both of us and also we can swing into the dog park area to get him some water.  So we took off and managed just shy of 2 miles.  It was brutally hot though.  We got home and he crashed for the remainder of the day.  Confession - so did I!  (Although I did manage to start cleaning and doing laundry). 

On Sunday, Chris had on his productive pants on.  He managed to finally put the knobs and handles on all of our kitchen cabinets and clean out his office.  He's had the itch lately to get back to writing again and in a pet-free safe zone.  So he set to work in tackling those projects.  It actually took him all day and he finally finished sometime after I went to bed.  So he was quite a busy guy yesterday.   He did have a little help from his brother on the desk hauling and assembly so that made that go a bit quicker.  Here's some before and after pics.

Most of the stuff that we had from storage was dumped here.  Took a while to organize everything!

And after!  You can actually see the floor that needs to be mopped now!

And also on Sunday was the day that I've been looking forward to all week long!  This past week in between Tropical Storms and just normal week craziness, our city (Baton Rouge) was hosting a Women's professional tennis tournament.  And because of all the stuff going on, I didn't get a chance to even follow this tournament so by the time I arrived and saw who the draw was, I started wigging out!  One of my favorite professional U.S. tennis players was in the finals - Nicole Gibbs!  She is currently ranked 124 in the world!

It was a great match and Gibbs ended up winning 6-3; 6-3!  And she was so very nice and grateful (and even though she complained about the humidity, as do we all in Louisiana.  I mean look at me and I was just sitting in the stands).  But all in all it was a wonderful match and I'm so happy that I got to see her play in person!  One pro marked off my tennis bucket list!

This was match point!

Oh god, why was I nervous talking and not smiling!  #Awkward
And to top it all off, she liked 2 of my posts on IG!  Squee!  

 All in all, I'd say it was a good weekend.  I won't even complain about the spotty sunburn I got while sitting out watching the match!  

How was everyone's weekend?  Do anything fun?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning everyone!

Today's weigh in has me at 226.4 and that is down 1.4 from last week!  I'm thrilled about that since exercise was a bit sporadic this week but food choices were decent.

Food - I'm going to give myself a D- here because I completely flaked out on tracking for most of the week.  I think I may have logged 3 out of 7 days so that's not good.  In my defense, I meal prepped for the better part of last week and the meals were pretty much the exact same each day except for dinner.  

Exercise -  I had higher hopes for exercise this week.  We had fully intended on getting a bike ride in and going to the gym Saturday.  We got dressed and ready to go and Chris's bike had a flat.  And naturally we couldn't find any of our flat repair kits.  So off to the store he goes.  By the time he got home and got it fixed it started raining.  So, yea we *could* have gone to the gym still but it just didn't happen.  Sunday was all day long Fathers day festivities.  Giving myself a C-

Wednesday - 32 minutes walking
Thursday - 2 hour 30 minute tennis match; 48 minutes walking
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Nothing
Sunday - Nothing
Monday - 31 minutes walking
Tuesday - Nothing

Exercise minutes are at 1083/1000 so I hit my goal there!


So we have a tropical storm bearing down on us here in Louisiana.  And I'm more than a little nervous.  We don't expect it to get as bad as the August flood but it seems that just about any time we get rain, my nerves get on edge.  It's supposed to make landfall early tomorrow morning but we are already starting to get rain bands in off and on.  It's gonna be a soggy few days so I think I may try some more of those fitness blender videos, especially if we can't get out on the roads.  I'm still at work today though.  We will just have to play everything by ear I suppose!

Anyway, here's some pics from the last week.

Tough loss Thursday night but I burned the hell out of some calories at least

Ollie met a Direwolf at the Vet on Saturday 

These two....

Ollie Vs. Pretzel.  on Father's Day

And Chris is getting fitted for glasses.  After 45 years of not wearing them, he is the now proud owner of bifocals.
How was your week?  Do anything fun or exciting?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

Morning everyone!

I weighed in this morning at 228 even, which brings me down 1.2 pounds from last week.  I am completely shocked at this because a) we ate really late last night due to a late start at my tennis match and b) T.O.M. is knocking on the door - sorry t.m.i....

So needless to say I'm very pleased with that number.

Lets see how the rest of the week stacked up.

Food - 

Food was ok-ish but not great.  I tracked, sporadically.   Half the time I log my food but then forget to go back and complete the day.  But our food choices were a lot better this week and we did a considerable amount of meal planning.  So I'm going to give myself a solid B here.

Exercise - 

Wednesday - 64 minutes walking, 10 minutes running (and failing at C25K thanks to shin splints), 21 minutes elliptical
Thursday - 72 minutes walking; 27 minutes doing a Fitness Blender youtube workout
Friday - 32 minutes walking
Saturday - 13 minutes walking
Sunday - 25 minutes elliptical; 35 minutes weights
Monday - 56 minutes walking
Tuesday - 37 minutes walking; 111 minutes tennis match

Total exercise minutes 821/1000!!!!  I should hit my goal easily by next week!  

Last night we had our 2nd Mixed Doubles tennis match of the season and it was looking very iffy at first that it would even happen.  We have been having so much rain lately!  When I arrived at the tennis complex, it started drizzling yet again.  It wasn't raining very hard though and no lightening in the area so our captain and the other teams captain decided to give it a try.  If the rain got worse, we would postpone the matches.  

Thankfully we were able to play though.  It continued to drizzle through the whole first set and finally stopped after that.  But then it got hot and humid.  I sweated buckets and burned a ton of calories.  Even better is that we won!  My partner and I came from behind in the first set to win 7-5; 6-2!  It was nice to win for a change.  I love playing with the ladies, but I really love playing mixed doubles (men/women).  It's so much fun with the different pace of playing with the men who hit hard vs. the women who are usually more strategic with their shots.  It's a really cool dynamic and I love it.  

Hope everyone has a great week!  We are hoping to get some bike riding in soon if the weather decides to cooperate!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend recap

These weekends sure feel like they are getting shorter and shorter!  You practically just blink and here it is Monday morning.  And just like Garfield and the Boomtown Rats, "I don't like Mondays".

Ah well.  I had high hopes for getting up and hitting the gym this morning before work but sleep won out.  I did manage to get to work early enough to get a 22 minute walk in at least and hopefully I can get my walks done on my breaks today too.

The weekend was pretty low-key which is just the way I like them.  We did a few house things - went to Lowe's, grocery shopped and planned our meals out for the week.  We also found our long-lost dishes from my aunt's storage unit.  We had previously been to the storage unit on 3 separate trips searching high and low for those dishes and we managed to find them.  I'm also mostly caught up on laundry.  Being all exercise-y is a truly wonderful thing but when you and your husband both are doing it, the laundry seems to be never-ending.

We wanted to get something active in this weekend though and originally planned to ride our bikes on Saturday but with all the errands that we did (and dog park goings to), that just didn't happen.  It's been really raining a lot here lately so we haven't had a chance to get as many rides in as we would like.  Chris did mention that he wants to maybe ride his bike to and from the gym.  It's mostly a bike route with a few areas near a crowded road. I'm definitely not ready for that challenge but he decided to do it Sunday.  We knew the weather was going to start getting worse throughout the day so we figured that was our best time to do it was mid-morning.  

Now I am a nervous wreck about riding our bikes on the road.  We have a small stretch (maybe .25 of a mile) outside of our street to go down a heavily traveled road to get to fairly large neighborhood and when we ride that I have about 13 heart attacks until we get to the turn off.  So naturally when Chris used to ride his bike back and forth to work several days a week, I would practically need a Valium each time.  Needless to say, Sunday was practically the same.  He told me the route that he was planning while I finished up the load of laundry and then I would leave to meet him at the gym.  My plan was elliptical and the full weights that I've been neglecting forever.  

Chris took off and I waited about 20 minutes and then left.

I made my arrival at the gym and hopped onto my elliptical.  I got as close as I could to the tvs that had a dog show and the French Open tennis women's final and (naturally) the window so I could watch for Chris to get there.

He finally got there so I could breathe a sigh of relief.

I finished my cardio while he rested for a bit (7.5 miles one way for him) and then we both went to the weights area.

He mainly did arms and upper body while I did the whole kit and kaboodle.  I was just about done when he said he would start back for home.  After about 10 more minutes, I was finished too so I figured I could still make it home before he did so I could grab the shower first.  

On my way back, suddenly a storm popped up.  

So here I am in near panic driving up and down the street that Chris said he would be on trying to desperately find him.  After about 5 minutes of near hysteria, my phone rings.  He was on a totally different street and under a business's over-hang safe and sound.  He said he was fine and that he would wait the rain out (and it did stop just as soon as it started) so he would continue on until he got home.  After about 5 minutes of him assuring me that it was ok, I finally relented and went home too get that shower.

And about 30 minutes later, he made it home.

Just a little soggy.

So the lesson here is to verify the weather before you leave the house.  

The rest of the day was a lot less eventful.   :)  

Here's a few pictures from the rest of the weekend.

Dog park fun!

Dog park makes for sleepy puppies!

And Ollie wants to land a starring role on House of Cards
Last week we were also challenged to do a Fitness Blender workout from Mary at Runs to Get Waisted.  And that "low impact" surely wouldn't be a problem.  Ha!  I am so out of shape it's not even funny.   Even Ollie was laughing at my struggles.

I will definitely do this again.  It was fun and could potentially be a nice little warm up exercise complete with stretching (once I get more used to it though).

Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!  Back to the grind!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

Ah yes, the return of the Wednesday weigh in.  The most dreaded post of the week.  

I was a little worried going into today's weigh in since we had Chinese food on Sunday and my water the last few days has not been quite as good as it should have been.  But I was surprised when I got on the scale and it read 229.2   I'm down 2 lbs since last week!  I'll take it!

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's been a great week as far as exercise and tracking has been going.  Water consumption is definitely better than before but that is still something I need to work on.

Here is the exercise break down:

Thursday - 69 minutes walking
Friday - 30 minutes C25K; 17 minutes walking
Saturday - 31 minutes walking
Sunday - 54 minutes biking
Monday - 30 minutes C25K; 43 minutes walking 
Tuesday - 16 minutes walking

I've amped up the walking significantly here lately and have been trying to take advantage of my 2 daily walk breaks and have attempted to get to work early to squeeze in another 10 minutes if I can.  Now to get weight training back into the fold.  The plan is to go to the gym this afternoon for another round of C25K and weights.  I've got hubby and some friends to text me later and make sure that I actually go.  Hey, you gotta do what you got to do!

And here is a Miles to Mordor update for our facebook group.  As of right now we are at mile 81 and we are on a forest path on the way towards Bree.   We are trucking along nicely!

And finally Monthly Exercise Minutes are at 316/1000!