Monday, June 5, 2017

Better than yesterday (or last week)

June has gotten off to a great start!

I've been fairly diligent with my tracking in My Fitness Pal, even when it's not perfect.  Also, I have inadvertently been on an exercise streak.

It honestly was not my intent, but it's been raining so frequently lately that when the sun came out briefly on Sunday, I asked Chris if he wanted to ride our bikes before the rain came back.  He surprised me by saying yes before I could change my mind!.  (Sunday's are typically our do-nothing-but-stay-in-jammies day).

In other news, I restarted C25K for the zillionth time.  I did Day 1 on Friday and this morning before work, I repeated Day 1, just to start the week fresh.  And at least now that I'm back at the Y, I have a back up indoor track that I can go to for bad weather also.   Time will tell (and Louisiana humidity) as to how this will go.  I wouldn't mind sticking to the full plan again another time around.  I just felt like I was actively losing weight and more fit in general when I was running 3 times per week.

Water also has been much better already too.  I'm probably not quite to the "rule" of drinking half your body weight in ounces per day but I'm averaging about 80oz and even on the weekends.  That is a success in my book.

So I'd definitely give myself an A+ so far this month!

Oh also, exercise minutes are at 268/1000.


And now for some random stuff that's been going on.

We gave the Buffalo Cauliflower another try.  And while this isn't the best picture, it came out far more delicious than the first time around.  It was lot more crispier and it even tasted better.  This is such a vast difference in what we would normally snack on during the weekends.  And it looks a little burnt because the original recipe was for a regular oven and we have a convection one. So we will just need to eyeball the cauliflower a bit closer to make sure it isn't overdone.

And a couple of random pics after our bike ride yesterday.

After the bike ride, I attempted to do a challenge that Anna posted to our facebook group.  The punches part went ok, but when it came down to the crunches part... well puppy attack!

I had to end up locking myself in the closet and away from all the animals to finish it up but I did it.  Between the post-bike ride, and the workout, I was a hot mess afterward.

Our facebook group also started a new challenge where we are "Walking to Mordor" and back again.  The total mileage is 3,871 and we have until the end of August.  We are counting running, biking, elliptical-ing, walking, and general exercise - (for example: 15 minutes aerobics = 1 mile).  It's been a fun little challenge so far!  I found a website where you can actually retrace the events in the book near where you are mileage wise.  That site can be found here.  

I guess I'll wrap this up!  How are your June goals going so far?


  1. I find with all roasted veggies I need them to be pretty burnt to be good LOL

    1. Haha yea this is a whole new area of discovery for me!

  2. Awesome job on your goals so far!!!

  3. How awesome is that? You don't even need to think about streaking cause you are being naturally active. Thanks for the update on the cauliflower I copied the recipe but haven't tried it yet. Way to go on the challenge! You crunching in the closet makes me smile.

  4. Nice work! It's those little actions like a healthier snack and a bike ride that really add up. I love the idea of walking to Mordor! I have to keep that in mind for a group challenge.