Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning everyone!

Today's weigh in has me at 226.4 and that is down 1.4 from last week!  I'm thrilled about that since exercise was a bit sporadic this week but food choices were decent.

Food - I'm going to give myself a D- here because I completely flaked out on tracking for most of the week.  I think I may have logged 3 out of 7 days so that's not good.  In my defense, I meal prepped for the better part of last week and the meals were pretty much the exact same each day except for dinner.  

Exercise -  I had higher hopes for exercise this week.  We had fully intended on getting a bike ride in and going to the gym Saturday.  We got dressed and ready to go and Chris's bike had a flat.  And naturally we couldn't find any of our flat repair kits.  So off to the store he goes.  By the time he got home and got it fixed it started raining.  So, yea we *could* have gone to the gym still but it just didn't happen.  Sunday was all day long Fathers day festivities.  Giving myself a C-

Wednesday - 32 minutes walking
Thursday - 2 hour 30 minute tennis match; 48 minutes walking
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Nothing
Sunday - Nothing
Monday - 31 minutes walking
Tuesday - Nothing

Exercise minutes are at 1083/1000 so I hit my goal there!


So we have a tropical storm bearing down on us here in Louisiana.  And I'm more than a little nervous.  We don't expect it to get as bad as the August flood but it seems that just about any time we get rain, my nerves get on edge.  It's supposed to make landfall early tomorrow morning but we are already starting to get rain bands in off and on.  It's gonna be a soggy few days so I think I may try some more of those fitness blender videos, especially if we can't get out on the roads.  I'm still at work today though.  We will just have to play everything by ear I suppose!

Anyway, here's some pics from the last week.

Tough loss Thursday night but I burned the hell out of some calories at least

Ollie met a Direwolf at the Vet on Saturday 

These two....

Ollie Vs. Pretzel.  on Father's Day

And Chris is getting fitted for glasses.  After 45 years of not wearing them, he is the now proud owner of bifocals.
How was your week?  Do anything fun or exciting?


  1. Congrats on the loss. I love it when you expect a gain or maintain and it is actually lower!

    I'll be thinking of you as the storm's go through. Hope You stay as dry as possible. Workout videos may be the way to go.

    The direwolf is beautiful! How neat to meet one.

    1. Ok, not a real direwolf, but still beautiful LOL.

    2. Thanks! Yea, I think he actually was an Australian Malamute (sp?). He was gorgeous!

  2. Congrats on the loss! Just goes to show you that meal planning works...for those days when tracking seems to fall by the wayside!!!!!

    Yikes to go from no glasses to bifocals. I can't imagine....and I am trying to not imagine bifocals at all for me....(I do wear glasses and have for about 30 some years)

    1. Yea, I think he may have a headache for a few days while getting used to it. Yea, I've worn glasses since I was 4 so it's going to be an adjustment for sure for him!

  3. The pic of the cats makes me chuckle - I don't think they appreciate your intrusion :) I think because you have set your bar high, even when you don't reach it you are still doing great - congrats on the loss and reaching your exercise minutes :) Hoping Cindy leaves you in peace.

  4. Congrats on the loss!!! WooHoooooo

  5. I hate those days when it feels like the world is conspiring to keep me from my goals. Stupid flat tires and rain!