Monday, July 31, 2017

July Recap

I can't even fathom that this is the end of the month already!  

So July is finally leaving with a whimper and I'm ready to get things moving in the right direction again.  

These were my goals for July:
1. Water - again get up to the 100oz per day!
2. Log My Food!  I need to remember to do this, especially on the weekend.  I know I basically eat the same thing time and again but I still need to log it and then complete the day out.
3. 1800 exercise minutes.  Going to try to get a bump in the exercise minutes this month and see if that goal will be attainable.  
4. Weights - 3 times per week.  I'm doing better on this but I am only averaging 2x now,  I would like to make this happen 3 times per week with no exceptions.
5. I'm not going to say that I want to lose x number of pounds but I DO want to weigh less than I did this month.  Setting a solid number is setting myself up for failure so I will just say that I want to lose weight this month.  And if it's as much or more than June, then I will be a very happy camper!

And this is how I did:
1. Water - This one is a success. I'm definitely drinking more water now than I ever have and consistently too. A+ here.
2. Log my food - Womp womp.  F here.  I have fallen by the wayside with this.  
3. 1800 exercise minutes. F- Not even close.  I'm currently at 927/1800 but I WILL get 33 minutes more of exercise today to at least hit the 1000 mark.
4.  Weights 3x per week.  F again here.  I'm lucky if I got it done once a week and looking back I only did weights once this past month!  #Unacceptable.
5. Lose weight.  B here.  As of June 28th's weigh in, I was at 225 even and as of last weeks weigh in, I am at 222.6 and that puts me at a loss of 2.4 for the month.  I definitely feel like I could have lost more, but as of right this second (and considering what I ate this past weekend), I'll take the victory and run with it because I really feel like this coming weigh in is going to not be pretty.

So 3 F's and one A and one B is not good for the month but all is not lost.  In looking at the positive side of things, I'm still technically down for the month, I'm still technically eating better and I'm still consistently exercising.  

Now here's my plan for August.

And I'm going to go a little crazy and try for a streak.  - 10,000 steps each day for the entire month of August.  This will get me out of my "weekend" comfort zone and actually force me to move a bit more not only during the work week but on the weekends as well.

1. 10K A Day 
2. Water 
3. Log my food
4. 1500 exercise minutes
5. Weights - 2x per week
6. Lose weight

What is your plan for August?  How was your July?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

I weighed in this morning at 222.6 and that seriously surprised the heck out of me.  After last weeks gain of 3.4, I was hoping for a loss but didn't expect a 5.2 pound one but I'll happily take it!  Chris reminded me of a few things that could have been the reason since my exercise has been lackluster: I finished my period, the weeks' worth of birthday food and eating out has ended, and the fact that we were cooking at home and eating more sensibly (and smaller portions).  So that would make sense.  It just goes to show that weight loss is not done by exercising alone!

Food wise, as I said, it hasn't really been the best two weeks there, but once we got the family birthdays and anniversaries out of the way and actually started cooking again, things just sort of fell back into place.  Logging still hasn't happened but then again, I literally eat the same thing pretty much every day.  So unless my diet changes drastically I'm not quite sure I see the point in copying the same food items over and over in the MFP diary.   The bottom line is that while I still need to tighten up in a few areas, I am eating less and also eating more sensibly.  Also water, has really been on point especially since we stopped drinking milk at home.  After work, I'll come home and have 2-3 glasses of water a night and we started keeping some insulated water bottles on our nightstands for middle of the night sipping also.   So I'm going to give myself a B- on this one.

Did you know that cauliflower comes in colors?

Exercise, meh.  

Wednesday - 32 minutes walking; 35 minutes elliptical and 30 minutes weights
Thursday - 41 minutes walking
Friday - 15 minutes walking
Saturday - zip
Sunday - nada
Monday - nope
Tuesday - 2 hours and 2 minutes tennis match

I really could have done more this week.  But it is what it is and it's still more effort than I was putting forth before and I have to be okay with that.   I'll give myself a C on this.

Our match last night was crazy!  My partner, John and I played pretty dismally the first set and lost 3-6.  We rallied back and ended up the 2nd set in a tiebreaker and won, then the whole match went into a tiebreak since they won the first set and we took the 2nd.  In the end we were victorious!  We won 3-6, 7-6, 1-0!  It was nice to overcome defeat and pull together and actually win against some tough competition.  We were seriously looking defeat in the face in the middle of that 2nd set, we were behind 3-5 and it actually had gone to match point but we fought hard and ended up turning the whole tide of the match.  I'm proud to say that I was serving during that point and we were on a roll from that point on.  Bottom line, never give up and always keep fighting (a good motto for life too).

I'm in a much, much better headspace than I was in yesterday.  I think the really super tough match in the heat wiped me out and I was able to sleep like the dead last night.  So I'm not quite as "woe is me" as I was yesterday at least.  Here's to a better week and hopefully next week I can hit the next weight decade!

Here's some random pictures from the last week.

Chris's dead tire

Ollie watching some tv

Oz snuggles with daddy

Hope everyone is hanging in there this week!  Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July Smuly

I don't know what it is about this month.  Maybe it is the heat.  Yea, that must be it.

I'm just tired and cranky right now and this has not been the best of months.  Sleep has been normally good for me but this past week has not been the best.  I'll share some of the highlights.

*Chris's car broke down and it took him two days to get it operating functionally again.
*This past weekend, he brought it into the shop to get it back to full working order and a new fuel pump, a new battery and 2 new tires later, it's finally back to normal.
*Chris goes to meet a friend last night in New Orleans to work on his book that he started writing (brainstorming session with another creative friend of ours) and then he had a blowout on the interstate.  Thankfully he is fine although my nerves may never be the same again and it was one of the older tires that it happened to.  So guess who will get a complete new set of 4 tires over the course of a week?  Yep.

Despite the car woes, it's been a good month for him. He has really gotten his creative juices flowing and finding the right work/sleep/exercise/writing balance.

On my end:
*I had to have a root canal done.
*The meds for said root canal, I suspect gave me a Urinary Tract Infection.

On the whole, I just feel like I'm barely treading water here.  Exercise has been lackluster.  Food choices have been "meh".  I'm really ready for August to be here and a fresh start. But, I will still continue to plug along with July and as my friend says, "Fake it til you make it".

Tennis match tonight so I hope I can find some energy or something to shake this.  Until then, please let Mr. Coffee kick in.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

I knew this was going to be a bad week and I was right.  Weighed in at 227.8 which is up 3.4 from last week.  Now time to get back on track and get back going in the right direction again.

It makes me sad to see that line going back up again especially since I was pretty consistent with the losing for the last month and a half.  Ah well, birthday week, shark week and parties galore happen - now if they could all not happen in the same week, that would be great...

Food -

I'll just say bad choices were made here.  F for not logging and not giving a crap this week.  And alcohol was a bit on the bad end too but I found some tasty discoveries. 

Very pleasantly surprised by this!  I'm glad I can't find it around here and it was a gift.  This was pint size.

Prickly Pear Margarita was delish
Exercise -

Wednesday - nothing (birthday day)
Thursday - 15 minute walk and then root canal
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nada
Sunday - zilch
Monday - 31 minute walk
Tuesday - 32 minute walk; 1 hour 47 minute tennis match

Exercise minutes - 566/1800.  There is no way I am going to hit this goal this month.  

F on the exercise front too.  I could have made time. I could have done SOMETHING on my birthday but I didn't and here I am owning up to it.  Thursday, I had a root canal done so I really didn't feel up to anything after that.   Friday at work we ended up having to pick up 7 users' pc equipment - monitors, battery backups, cpu's, printers, etc. so even though I didn't technically exercise on Friday, I still lifted and hauled a lot of things and then getting up and down off the floor repeatedly felt almost like a burpee.  And I did most of that since my co-worker is more out of shape than I am.  

The weekend was a blur.  We took our cat Loki to the vet (Bladder infection) and then went to see War of the Planet of the Apes and took Ollie to the park and then came home and vegged out.  We celebrated my aunts birthday on Sunday and my parents anniversary so that whole day was shot too and then Game of Thrones.  So just poor decisions all around.  I had fun though at least.  Just gotta get back in the right frame of mind for this week.  

I didn't really want/need a whole lot this year for my birthday so I really just asked for 2 things.  New shoes and a bluetooth wireless headphone set.  I scored both so I am very happy about that!

And here are some scenes from the rest of the week.

Post park we played a game of "Got your tongue" with Ollie.  He was not amused.

Tennis last night

New gym water bottle
I hope your week was better than mine!  Back to the grind this week though!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In - Birthday edition

Quickie post here.  It's been a busy week with being shorthanded at work and then just busy in general.   And today is my birthday as well so it's already been full of festivities and food already.  I definitely can't wait to get back to a more normal routine as soon as possible here.  But tomorrow will be a bit wonky too due to me getting a root canal.  Yay.  Best birthday present ever!  (not)

Anyways, to the task at hand.

Weighed in today at 224.4 which is a .2 pound gain.  I'll take it, seeing as July hasn't had the best start in terms of diet and exercise.  While it has been consistent, it just hasn't been off to as good of a start that I had last month.  It's always something I suppose but hopefully after tomorrow I can kick everything back into the proper gear and move on from there.

Food - 

So yea, still haven't meal prepped this week.  No real reason either other than just being too lazy.  We had a few items left over from last week so we ate those Monday and Tuesday and today has been nothing but eating out so far and then we are going out to dinner again tonight.  So this is normally where I'd just throw my hands up and just want to completely wait until Monday and start over - week be damned.  But, I am planning on at least making my main dish tonight a good one.  I'm planning on having the salmon for dinner.  The side dishes may not be as healthy but it's something I suppose.  And after tomorrow, we can get back to our normal eating routines and such.  And for the love of all that is holy, this weekend WE WILL PLAN AHEAD for food.  D- too because logging has been non-existent also.

Exercise -

Wednesday - 28 minutes walking
Thursday -  48 minutes walking
Friday - 45 minutes elliptical
Saturday - 11 minutes walking
Sunday - 34 minutes bicycling
Monday - 60 minutes walking
Tuesday - 31 minutes walking

380/1800  and I am woefully behind here.  I need to amp this up.  And also notice no weights either.  D- here too.  

So yea, not the best week but at least there was a bit of consistency going on.  

Here's some pics from the week:

Ollie and Loki

We saw Spider-Man and Chris still hates taking selfies

Doyle just asking to be drawn like one of those French Girls
Also... 4 more days until Game of Thrones comes back!  AHHHHH!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

This is going to be a quickie post as I'm trying to squeeze this post on my lunch break.  Work has been stupid busy today and it completely feels like we have had two Mondays this week.


Anyway.   I am thrilled to report a loss of .8!  Thrilled because food has been bad this week.  Like no planning bad.  Which makes me remember that we really need to start having some food in the reserves for days or weeks like this.  

Food - 

F- for that.  Lack of grocery shopping.  Lack of meal planning.  Lack of logging.  Just bad all around.  If there was a bright spot in all this, I think I have a foothold on the whole stopping when I'm full mentality.  Since Sunday nights Chinese food fiasco, I was determined to not let the 4th of July holiday get the better of me.  There may have been more chips and dips than I planned but I balanced it out nicely and at plenty of fruit and veggies.  Chris also made the Buffalo Cauliflower again so I tried to use that to fill up with in lieu of chips.  I didn't go too overboard with the dessert either and it also helped that Mom's concoction had blueberries and strawberries in it.  So thats sort of a win (It also had pudding, angel food cake and whipped cream, but I'll just say that the fruit helped with the dessert balancing act).

Exercise -

This week was a decent effort but there are still areas I would like to improve on for sure.  I need to do a better job of getting in 2 more weight training sessions in but at the same time I'm ecstatic that I was able to swim this week.  Definitely wanting to keep that in the rotation for sure.  So I'm going to give myself a B-.  Still I was active but I felt like I could do more.

Wednesday - 37 minutes walking; 30 minutes swimming; 40 minutes weights
Thursday -  17 minutes walking
Friday - 15 minutes walking
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - 43 minutes walking
Monday - 34 minutes walking; 45 minutes elliptical

Here's some random pics from the last week!

A quick car fix that should have been a hour max, turned into the entire weekend.  Yay.  :(

Walking at the park!

And then exhausted after the park.

And sadly this was the only 2 pics we took on our Independence Day holiday!  But we had a wonderful time spent with family.  Dad bbq'ed and we just had a great time together playing trivia and visiting.  It was a good day and we successfully wore the dog out so that he slept through the fireworks!  In fact, he and I were both asleep by 9pm!

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!  We sure did!

Monday, July 3, 2017

June Recap

I had 3 main goals for June.  

1.  Water
2.  Diet
3.  Exercise

Water was better, but still not where it should be.  I'd say I'm averaging 60-70 oz per day.  I need to bump that up to 100 oz. 

Diet was definitely better.  Although of course there are things I can clean up a bit there, I do notice that I am eating far smaller portions and being really mindful of when I am full and when I need to stop eating.  Case in point, I stopped when I was full with Friday nights meal when normally I would have continued eating away.  And then last night, we opted for Chinese food and I devoured it.  I felt disgusting after and oh so full and went to bed cranky and bloated.  So yea, I guess it's still a learning curve but I do see improvement at least.

On exercise minutes, I finished at 1605/1000.   This was one area that I really picked the pace up so to speak.  I've managed to bring walking, weights, elliptical, cycling, tennis (naturally) and even swimming into the mix this month.  So all around a much better effort this month.

Our facebook group is walking to Mordor and I'm pleased to say that we are currently at Mile 552 (out of 1772 to actually get to Mt. Doom and if we want to go "there and back again" we have to get to 3,871 - see what I did there???)

And last but not least, I'm happy to report that I am down 6.2 pounds for the month!  I am thrilled to finally start seeing movement on the scale again!

Now for some things that I want to work on for July.  

1. Water - again get up to the 100oz per day!
2. Log My Food!  I need to remember to do this, especially on the weekend.  I know I basically eat the same thing time and again but I still need to log it and then complete the day out.
3. 1800 exercise minutes.  Going to try to get a bump in the exercise minutes this month and see if that goal will be attainable.  
4. Weights - 3 times per week.  I'm doing better on this but I am only averaging 2x now,  I would like to make this happen 3 times per week with no exceptions.
5. I'm not going to say that I want to lose x number of pounds but I DO want to weigh less than I did this month.  Setting a solid number is setting myself up for failure so I will just say that I want to lose weight this month.  And if it's as much or more than June, then I will be a very happy camper!

That's about it for now.  What are your goals for July?