Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In - Birthday edition

Quickie post here.  It's been a busy week with being shorthanded at work and then just busy in general.   And today is my birthday as well so it's already been full of festivities and food already.  I definitely can't wait to get back to a more normal routine as soon as possible here.  But tomorrow will be a bit wonky too due to me getting a root canal.  Yay.  Best birthday present ever!  (not)

Anyways, to the task at hand.

Weighed in today at 224.4 which is a .2 pound gain.  I'll take it, seeing as July hasn't had the best start in terms of diet and exercise.  While it has been consistent, it just hasn't been off to as good of a start that I had last month.  It's always something I suppose but hopefully after tomorrow I can kick everything back into the proper gear and move on from there.

Food - 

So yea, still haven't meal prepped this week.  No real reason either other than just being too lazy.  We had a few items left over from last week so we ate those Monday and Tuesday and today has been nothing but eating out so far and then we are going out to dinner again tonight.  So this is normally where I'd just throw my hands up and just want to completely wait until Monday and start over - week be damned.  But, I am planning on at least making my main dish tonight a good one.  I'm planning on having the salmon for dinner.  The side dishes may not be as healthy but it's something I suppose.  And after tomorrow, we can get back to our normal eating routines and such.  And for the love of all that is holy, this weekend WE WILL PLAN AHEAD for food.  D- too because logging has been non-existent also.

Exercise -

Wednesday - 28 minutes walking
Thursday -  48 minutes walking
Friday - 45 minutes elliptical
Saturday - 11 minutes walking
Sunday - 34 minutes bicycling
Monday - 60 minutes walking
Tuesday - 31 minutes walking

380/1800  and I am woefully behind here.  I need to amp this up.  And also notice no weights either.  D- here too.  

So yea, not the best week but at least there was a bit of consistency going on.  

Here's some pics from the week:

Ollie and Loki

We saw Spider-Man and Chris still hates taking selfies

Doyle just asking to be drawn like one of those French Girls
Also... 4 more days until Game of Thrones comes back!  AHHHHH!


  1. Happy day late birthday!!! That wee little gain will be gone in no time!!!!! Your kicking it with exercise!!!

  2. Happy birthday. Ollie has the cutest face!

    You're still holding steady and that's a win.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Chris's selfie scowl is the best!