Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

This is going to be a quickie post as I'm trying to squeeze this post on my lunch break.  Work has been stupid busy today and it completely feels like we have had two Mondays this week.


Anyway.   I am thrilled to report a loss of .8!  Thrilled because food has been bad this week.  Like no planning bad.  Which makes me remember that we really need to start having some food in the reserves for days or weeks like this.  

Food - 

F- for that.  Lack of grocery shopping.  Lack of meal planning.  Lack of logging.  Just bad all around.  If there was a bright spot in all this, I think I have a foothold on the whole stopping when I'm full mentality.  Since Sunday nights Chinese food fiasco, I was determined to not let the 4th of July holiday get the better of me.  There may have been more chips and dips than I planned but I balanced it out nicely and at plenty of fruit and veggies.  Chris also made the Buffalo Cauliflower again so I tried to use that to fill up with in lieu of chips.  I didn't go too overboard with the dessert either and it also helped that Mom's concoction had blueberries and strawberries in it.  So thats sort of a win (It also had pudding, angel food cake and whipped cream, but I'll just say that the fruit helped with the dessert balancing act).

Exercise -

This week was a decent effort but there are still areas I would like to improve on for sure.  I need to do a better job of getting in 2 more weight training sessions in but at the same time I'm ecstatic that I was able to swim this week.  Definitely wanting to keep that in the rotation for sure.  So I'm going to give myself a B-.  Still I was active but I felt like I could do more.

Wednesday - 37 minutes walking; 30 minutes swimming; 40 minutes weights
Thursday -  17 minutes walking
Friday - 15 minutes walking
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - 43 minutes walking
Monday - 34 minutes walking; 45 minutes elliptical

Here's some random pics from the last week!

A quick car fix that should have been a hour max, turned into the entire weekend.  Yay.  :(

Walking at the park!

And then exhausted after the park.

And sadly this was the only 2 pics we took on our Independence Day holiday!  But we had a wonderful time spent with family.  Dad bbq'ed and we just had a great time together playing trivia and visiting.  It was a good day and we successfully wore the dog out so that he slept through the fireworks!  In fact, he and I were both asleep by 9pm!

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!  We sure did!


  1. Ah it is always great not to have a gain after the weekend. Looks like a great weekend!

    I am still confused to what day it is, let alone it felt like two Mondays here too!

  2. Two Mondays are the worst! Hope you survived it.

    Awesome job with your loss!

  3. This is the best group of pictures... The one of Chris under the car had a Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the East vide. I loved the one from Ollie's eye level - surveying his domain. And the last picture of you looking gorgeous and photo ready while everyone else is looking every which way. They all made me smile :)

  4. Congrats on the loss!!! Your kicking tail on exercise/activity!!

    So I guess I'm not the only one that slept through the fireworks!!! It was so hot and I was outside all day on the fourth that I crashed by 9pm!!!

  5. Yay celebrate the loss alright! Especially with it being a celebration weekend. And well done in the activity!! Here's to another week :)

  6. Seems like we all had a rough week. But good job on still being active and having a loss at weigh in.