Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

I knew this was going to be a bad week and I was right.  Weighed in at 227.8 which is up 3.4 from last week.  Now time to get back on track and get back going in the right direction again.

It makes me sad to see that line going back up again especially since I was pretty consistent with the losing for the last month and a half.  Ah well, birthday week, shark week and parties galore happen - now if they could all not happen in the same week, that would be great...

Food -

I'll just say bad choices were made here.  F for not logging and not giving a crap this week.  And alcohol was a bit on the bad end too but I found some tasty discoveries. 

Very pleasantly surprised by this!  I'm glad I can't find it around here and it was a gift.  This was pint size.

Prickly Pear Margarita was delish
Exercise -

Wednesday - nothing (birthday day)
Thursday - 15 minute walk and then root canal
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nada
Sunday - zilch
Monday - 31 minute walk
Tuesday - 32 minute walk; 1 hour 47 minute tennis match

Exercise minutes - 566/1800.  There is no way I am going to hit this goal this month.  

F on the exercise front too.  I could have made time. I could have done SOMETHING on my birthday but I didn't and here I am owning up to it.  Thursday, I had a root canal done so I really didn't feel up to anything after that.   Friday at work we ended up having to pick up 7 users' pc equipment - monitors, battery backups, cpu's, printers, etc. so even though I didn't technically exercise on Friday, I still lifted and hauled a lot of things and then getting up and down off the floor repeatedly felt almost like a burpee.  And I did most of that since my co-worker is more out of shape than I am.  

The weekend was a blur.  We took our cat Loki to the vet (Bladder infection) and then went to see War of the Planet of the Apes and took Ollie to the park and then came home and vegged out.  We celebrated my aunts birthday on Sunday and my parents anniversary so that whole day was shot too and then Game of Thrones.  So just poor decisions all around.  I had fun though at least.  Just gotta get back in the right frame of mind for this week.  

I didn't really want/need a whole lot this year for my birthday so I really just asked for 2 things.  New shoes and a bluetooth wireless headphone set.  I scored both so I am very happy about that!

And here are some scenes from the rest of the week.

Post park we played a game of "Got your tongue" with Ollie.  He was not amused.

Tennis last night

New gym water bottle
I hope your week was better than mine!  Back to the grind this week though!


  1. Meh. I hate gains. Own it and move on, it's all we can do.

    WE ARE SHOE TWINS!!! I want to do a shoe high five with you!!

  2. Some weeks are just not good weeks. Your overall weight loss trend is awesome though. Clear your head, regroup, start over.

    And happy late birthday!

  3. Boo to a gain. I am proud of you for owning and have no doubt you will bounce this week. Pretty shoes!! Your pictures always make me smile - the root canal selfie is priceless :)