Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Weigh In

223.2 and I'm up 1.6 pounds from last week.  That's not entirely unexpected since my eating habits have not been the best this week.

Food -

Not much to say here.  It definitely has not been a good week in that department.  No meal planning, no real grocery shopping of so to speak and just all around poor choices.  Oh well, going to try to do better the rest of the week at least and go from there.  F for the week.

Exercise -

All around great effort this week on the exercising front!  Streak is still going strong and I've hit my 10K steps every single day, even on the weekend!   A+++

Exercise minutes for the month so far - 707/1500

Wednesday - 31 minutes C25K, 30 minutes walking
Thursday - 86 minutes walking
Friday - 30 minutes C25K, 30 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes weights, 20 minutes walking
Saturday - 1 hour 31 minutes walking
Sunday - 60 minutes walking
Monday - 28 minutes C25K
Tuesday - 13 minutes walking, 1 hour 38 minute tennis match

Here's some pics from the last week:

Total NSV here.  I haven't been able to wear this shirt in a while.  Tried it on today and while it's a little snug, it still went on easily!

A good week indeed!

Friday we spent some time with family and visited some deceased relatives.  Do all  other Southerners do this?  Basically every family event ends up at a graveyard.

Oh I realized the other day when looking through pics on my phone that I was wearing the same size shirt (different color) from back in January.  I see a difference!

That's about it for now!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. I see a difference, too! And I love that peach/salmon shirt on you! You look great!

    I think I need to move to the South. I would love it if my family were as interested in history and cemeteries as I am! ;)

  2. I have the Blaze with a purple band too :)
    Wishing you a great week ahead!

  3. NSV's are the best! I can definitely see a difference in the 2 pics. Strangely, our family events in New Hampshire used to always end at the cemetery.

  4. You're doing a great job, definitely see the progress!

  5. Great job hitting your step goals...sometimes that's the hardest for me when it's not a workout day!